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The Junkluggers of Central VA is a full-service junk removal company serving Greater Richmond. Take a look at our frequently asked questions below to get an idea of what to expect!

How do you charge?

We charge based on volume or the amount of space your items take up in our large 16 cubic yard container truck. Before every job we set up an appointment time thats convenient for you. Out of respect for your time, we guarantee a 2-hour arrival window so youre not waiting around all day for our arrival. We provide a courtesy call 20-30 minutes prior to arrival. When our trained and insured Luggers get to your location they will provide you with an estimate before any work is begun. If you like the price we are prepared to do the job right then and there. If for any reason you don't like the price, there is no cost or obligation and you can simply say "thanks, but no thanks" and our Luggers will move onto their next appointment. No cost to you. Our Price Assurance Guarantee means that we will never exceed our initial estimate unless you add additional items for removal after the original price was quoted.

What is your minimum charge?

We have a $95 minimum charge to send 2 of our trained, professional Luggers to your location. This covers wages for both men, fuel, vehicle wear & tear, vehicle and liability insurance and the general cost of overhead to run a business. That minimum fee would cover 1-piece the size of a coffee table or chair for example.

Are there items that you won't (can't) take or remove?

We take pretty much anything except for hazardous chemicals. This includes gas, oil & fuel products, cleaning & disinfecting materials, pressurized items and poisonous substances. We will, however, box these kinds of items up and place them neatly by the door or in your personal vehicle for you to dispose of responsibly.

Besides junk removal, are there other services that you provide?

Yes! JunkLuggers of Central VA performs a variety of services for their clients. Since we are trained and adept at moving heavy objects carefully throughout homes and offices, we are frequently called upon for small moving jobs (a few items up to maybe a 1 BR apartment), delivery of items from retail stores to a customer's home, moving a few select items from a storage unit to another location, moving large, heavy items within the home (from one room to another) and even bringing Christmas decorations down from the attic.

In times of need, you will even find us out in the community doing storm damage cleanup, clearing fallen debris and anything else where strong backs and heavy equipment are needed.

How and when is payment made? Do your Luggers accept gratuity?

JunkLuggers is committed to 100% client satisfaction! Once the job has been completed to your expectations AND you are 100% satisfied with the quality of our service, then we accept payment at job's end. We accept all major credit cards and checks for payment. An electronic receipt is generated as soon as payment is processed. 

Our Luggers work hard to provide a 5-Star customer experience on every job. If you feel that you wish to leave a gratuity to show your appreciation for a job well done you may certainly do so. It's not expected, but it's always appreciated. You may do so in cash or in the appropriate space on our electronic payment system via your credit card.

Is there a discount for curbside pickup (having your item outside at the end of the driveway for us to swing by and pickup between 8am-5pm on a scheduled date)?

Yes! Typically you can save 10% (off our regular price) by placing your items outside in a pile ready for our team to pickup on a given day. You would need to schedule this service by calling 804.299.3814. It's as simple as providing a name, address, email and description (and pictures are always helpful) of items to be picked up. We will also need a credit card to put on file and a phone number to contact you the day of the pickup. A price will be provided before anything is removed from the premises. No obligation!

Will you bring items down from 2nd or 3rd floors or even attics?

Yes! Please don't go out of your way to bring items downstairs. We will remove items from wherever they lay. We specialize in attic, basement and garage/barn/outbuildings cleanouts! Your onsite crew will advise you, before any work is begun, whether or not there may be any applicable surcharges for carrying distance, number of floors/stairways that will have to be addressed to complete the job. 

The Junkluggers Prices

What are your junk removal prices?

We charge for our junk removal services based on how much space fills up the truck. Our trucks are the equivalent of a 15-yard dumpster (or items that fill a small bedroom). Our pricing includes the labor, time, and dump fees involved. We always provide a free estimate on-site before beginning a junk removal with no hidden fees. Your price will never be higher than your on-site estimate with the exception of special circumstances as detailed below.

Please read below for special circumstances surrounding particular items. Surcharges apply.

  • Heavy construction material: Take note that we can load our trucks with heavy construction/dense material to a maximum depth of one foot. Examples of heavy construction/dense materials include masonry products, gravel, concrete, brick, soil/dirt, tiles, and shingles.
  • Labor and moving with no removal services: Many customers request additional help, such as deconstructing furniture, bagging items, and carpet removal. Any substantial extra labor not requested and NOT INCLUDED IN THE INITIAL ESTIMATE will be billed at an hourly rate. If the task is minor, such as asking for help moving a table from one spot to another after the junk removal tasks are complete, our luggers are happy to provide assistance. If not minor and not discussed beforehand, there will be a charge.

*Surcharges for “non-standard items” may apply, so be sure to identify any heavy, bulky, complex items during the free estimate process.

Why can't you give me an exact price before you arrive?

Since junk comes in all shapes and sizes, we cannot give an accurate estimate until we see the items on-site. Pricing is based on the nature and volume of the material. We are able to review a general range of pricing with you over the phone and upon arrival, we can give you a very close estimate as to how much it will cost. You will never pay more than your on-site estimate if you clearly identified all items that need to be hauled away.

Do you provide a free estimate for your services?

Yes, our estimates are always free. Once we arrive at the project site, we will be able to provide you with a final on-site estimate.

What if I have more items when you arrive than I did when I called?

That's okay! Although we provide a rough price range over the phone, we will be able to provide a final on-site estimate once we arrive at your home so you know exactly what you'll be paying.

Junk Removal Basics

What are the pros to hiring The Junkluggers instead of renting a dumpster?

When you go with The Junkluggers, we take care of everything so that you don't have to. You don't have to worry about organizing or allocating any junk - just point out what you need to be removed and we take it from there. Save time and energy by letting us do the recycling and donating, and reduce the safety risks of hauling large, bulky pieces by letting the pros handle it.

Do you offer junk removal after demolition?

Yes, we are able to offer many types of junk removal including commercial construction site cleanups, home demolition cleanups, and more.

Can you help me with junk removal when I move?

Absolutely. Our teams are trained in a variety of situations to meet your needs. We do full estate cleanouts, basement cleanouts, attic cleanouts, and more. But we help with small projects too, removing small items, furniture, and more From your home. Big to small, we lug it all.

What is junk removal?

When you have bags or boxes of clutter, bulky furniture, or other items you no longer need, you call a junk removal company like The Junkluggers! We come to your home and remove the things you no longer want or need. From there we donate your belongings to local charities or other facilities to ensure that they are properly disposed of or donated.

What do you do after you haul away my items?

At our customers' request, we donate items to local charities and recycle the items that cannot be donated. We work hard to keep items out of landfills and are happy to provide you with a tax-deductible receipt for donations within 14 days. For unique cases where your belongings cannot be donated or recycled, they are taken to the town transfer station.

Are there any items that cannot be donated or thrown out?

Though we strive to take everything we can, there are some items we are unable to remove. We cannot take hazardous materials, including:

    • Paint
    • Chemicals, Solvents, Oils
    • Asbestos
    • Oil Drum (unless it is empty with the bottom and top cut out)
    • Oil Tanks

These items are particularly hazardous and can contaminate septic tanks, cause injury to sanitation workers, or leak into the ground. Many cities have specific guidelines or extra fees in place that need to be followed for proper disposal. We suggest you check on the latest requirements in your town or city.

Is Junkluggers junk removal eco-friendly?

Our business was founded with an eco-friendly mission: Enhance Lives, Our Community, and the Environment by Donating, Recycling, and Supporting Local Charities. We do our best to donate items to local charities and responsibly dispose of everything we're unable to donate.

Do you offer junk removal for seniors?

We do! We provide our services for seniors downsizing their homes, decluttering, or moving to a new community. Our junk removal services are safe and efficient and our luggers exercise care and sensitivity with belongings that have been loved and used for decades.

Do you offer junk removal for hoarders?

Yes. Our luggers are experienced professionals that are able to navigate many different situations, including help for hoarders. You won't have to worry about a thing when you go with Junkluggers. All luggers are professional and fully insured.

What are dump fees?

This is a fee that is paid when dumping solid waste at a waste facility. These will vary depending on the county.


How do I make an appointment for your junk removal services?

We make it easy. You can conveniently book your free estimate online by clicking here. Don’t want to complete the form? No worries - you can call us at 1-804-505-5844 to schedule over the phone.

How soon can I get an appointment?

Same-day and next-day appointments are available! Book online or call today for availability.

Do you offer same-day appointments?

Yes! We're often able to offer same-day and next-day appointments, depending on the size of the project. However, we can't guarantee instant appointments, which is why we recommend scheduling in advance.

Day of Junk Removal

Do I have to be home when you get there?

We do recommend that customers be on-site or have a trusted individual to represent them. A Junklugger employee will reach out 15-30 minutes before arrival to inform you that they are on their way. If you are unable to be home during this process, we will review pricing on arrival and call you for confirmation before any work is done.

Are your Junklugger employees insured?

You can rest easy knowing that our luggers are professionally trained to remove items from all over your home safely and efficiently. In the extremely unlikely case that your home is damaged during our service, our trucks and employees are fully insured, which means your home is fully protected. We have liability insurance, workman's compensation, and theft/collision insurance for the trucks.

Do I have to move my stuff to the curb?

You don't have to lift a finger. Here at Junkluggers, we do all the heavy lifting so that you don't have to. If you prefer to do it yourself, we offer a discount for curbside pickup.

Should I tip the junk haulers?

Up to you! Typically, the industry standard is to give each individual their own tip depending on how difficult or demanding the job was. Do you have stairs? Was the weather bad? How many items are being picked up? These are some helpful questions to help you determine how you should tip, but ultimately it's your choice.

How long does it take to remove my items?

This will depend on how many items you have that need to be hauled away. We will be able to give you a better time estimate upon arrival. Our luggers are always quick and efficient.

Donating My Items

Is The Junkluggers a free junk donation service?

No. We are a junk removal business with a mission to donate and recycle items as much as possible.

I'm a business. Can I deduct items you lug away and your services?

We provide donation receipts within 14 days for all items successfully donated. Commercial customers may be able to claim their donations and the junk removal service as a Miscellaneous Business Expense but we recommend you consult a tax professional.

Which local charities does The Junkluggers donate to?

View our charity partners here.


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